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Top 7 moments of Ke$ha's iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party performance

Top 7 moments of Ke$ha's iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party performance

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The animals, crazy kids, and warriors were out in full force at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party at the Fountainebleau in Miami, when Ke$ha took the stage. Everything about Ke$ha's performance was Ke$ha-fied, with glitter EVERYWHERE, a giant blow-up hippo on stage, dancers in animal costumes, and '80s rock star costumes. All that was missing was a glitter cannon. 

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Ke$ha performed her latest hits, as well as her old ones, including "Warrior," "Crazy Kids," "Tik Tok," "Blah," and more. And in true Ke$ha style, she was who she was, and encouraged the crowd to do the same. 

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Check out the top 7 moments, of the Ke$ha crazyness below:

1. This glitter-tastic outfit. *Bows Down* We're not worthy!

2. Where do you even begin with this one? Her amazing leather sun-goddess outfit? The fact that she's playing guitar? Or her eyeball back-up dancers and tuxes and top hats? It's just amazing! Sidenote: During her performance, she said her favorite kind of balls are eyeballs.

3. Her dancers are gloriously Ke$ha-fied again, in delightful '80s ladies rock star outfits. But the best part is that they both have beards...

4. This fabulous glittery gold one-piece.

6. Ke$ha's amazing ride. Beep beep!

7. Ke$ha and her animals.

7. And finally, she shows her love for cream .. of the whipped kind. Glitter and whipped cream, YUM.

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